Deposit Of Credit Card Information For Incidental Charges.
It's our policy that you deposit your credit card information for incidental charges. We have some food and drink items available within the cabin for your convenience. We inventory these items after you check-out. If our inventory does not match what was available at check-in, then we assume that it was your choice to purchase these items. A complete list of item's available for sale and their costs are listed in the kitchen area of the cabin. Your credit card will be charged for any items used during your stay.

When you initially request a reservation at our "Reservation" link, you will be directed to a secure site to deposit your credit card information. Once this information is ascertained we will then redirect you to a link whereby you can confirm your reservation. However, before depositing your credit card information, check our calendar to see if the dates you are requesting are available and not already booked.

We enforce a strict NO-SMOKING POLICY inside the cabin area. Our cabins are newly constructed in 2007 along with all new furniture. If you smoke, we request that you do so outside the cabin and police after yourself (pickup your cigarette butts). If we determine that you have violated our NON-SMOKING POLICY and smoke fumes can be detected within the interior, we impose and you agree that we can charge your credit card, on deposit, a sum of $250 for Special Cleaning Service to rid the fumes from within the cabin. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED - PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE INSIDE THE CABIN AREA.

Maid Service.
We only provide Maid Service between stays or once weekly - whichever comes first. You have sufficient linens and towels available for several days stay. We provide, at no charge, a Washer & Dryer, Ironing equipment along with other amenities to make your stay comfortable. If additional Maid Service is required, at your request, then the fees are $12.50 per hour with a two hour minimum. Again, your credit card on deposit will be charged for this service if needed.

Trash / Garbage Service.
We have trash cans available on the outside of the cabin for your waste items. We ask that you use trash bags and secure the tops on the cans securely each day to keep the cabin free of un-wanted pests. We will have the trash picked up at least every-other-day. Leaving food exposed outside in the trash cans is inviting trouble. We are at the foothills of the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Reserve and along side of a mountain stream. On many occasions, bears, deer and other wildlife have been seen out the back door on nearby hillsides.

If you wish, you may dispose of the trash yourself at the local County facility.

Directions: Upon leaving the cabin, turn left on Allison Gap Road. Following the road approximately 2 miles through McCready's Gap. Just before approaching the Stop sign, the County trash facility will be on your right approximately 100 yards back from the stop sign.

E-mail: Saltville Cabins